Flipclip | Flute Arm Mount

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Flute players - attach Flipclip to your arm for convenient viewing!

- Features comfortable elastic straps with snap adjustment from small to large wrists. Can be worn over a uniform sleeve.

- Swivel mount for easy positioning.

- Ergonomically contoured for long wear and features a neoprene lining for added comfort.

On the Field:

Finally! A way to always have your digital drill book, music, and any rehearsal app readily accessible. No more reaching into pockets, dropping your phone, and wasting rehearsal time. 

The heavy-duty clamp will keep Flipclip firmly secured throughout rehearsal, no matter how high paced the drill or complicated the body work.

In the Stands:

Eliminate flip folders. No more frantic searching for music during the count-off. 

Directors - Never print and cut half sheets of music again! By going digital, students will always have the most current part updates. Go green - the trees thank you.