Can I get a custom design?

- We are not currently set up to fulfill custom orders, but anticipate doing so in the future.

Will placing a laminate on the drum change the sound?

- Placing any material on a drumhead may alter the sound. Beat Sheet is made from extremely thin, yet durable materials. This reduces dampening to an absolute minimum.

Please watch this video as an example.

What adhesives are used?

- Main playing zone areas and replacement dots are made with a water-based, removable adhesive that will not damage the coatings on drum heads or leave residue in dry conditions. If using in wet conditions and residual adhesive is found on the playing surface, remove it with a cloth towel and warm, soapy water.

- DO NOT adhere removal sheets to any surface other than the main sheet before removal. They are made with permanent adhesive and may damage drum head coatings or other surfaces.

- We do not recommend adhering any items to surfaces other than drum heads or practice pads.

Removable print?

- Yes. We use a digital printing application process that allows the print to "scratch off" when impacted. In use, this print may leave residual dust. If transferred to clothing or skin, it can be removed with standard washing.

Can I use this outdoors?

- Yes! The marching activity will expose performers to varying weather conditions, so all our products are made using vinyl, which is of course waterproof. We do recommend that the surface of the drum head or practice pad be dry and dust-free to guarantee 100% adherence.

How do I use the Repair Dots?

- When the zones have become sufficiently worn, remove any excess print in the area to be repaired. Wipe away any print dust. Place Repair Dots over the cleaned area.  If the Repair Dots are placed over any removable print or themselves, this will laminate the area and prevent the print from being reactive.

Further recommendations for use:
  • Use a dedicated pair of sticks for Beat Sheet only. Failure to do so may result in ink being transferred to the drum head or pad after Beat Sheet is removed.
    • If this happens, the ink can typically be removed by using warm, soapy water and a cloth towel. Glass cleaner may be used on non-coated surfaces.
  • Ink transfer can usually be removed from stick beads in the same manner. 
  • We DO NOT recommend using Beat Sheet on non-laminated or soft rubber drum pads. Use on these surfaces may cause the sheets to bubble, crack, and peel.




At MidCoast Percussion, we are constantly striving to improve our products and customer service. If you don't see an answer to a question about one of our products, please contact us at info@midcoastpercussion.com