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Join the MidCoast Percussion Community as an Artist or an Ambassador TODAY!

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Thank you for your interest and consideration in becoming a part of the MidCoast team.

Our philosophy revolves around creating cutting edge, and truly revolutionary solutions in percussion. As artists and ambassadors (A&A), you are a crucial part of this process. We highly value your expertise and feedback as we demo new products and continually improve the ones we have. We recognize you as an invaluable link to the world of percussion.

Once part of the MidCoast Community, we can support our artists at live performances, trade shows, clinics, and demonstrations with banners, promotional materials, and other items to recognize and promote our artists as necessary.

We seek to establish mutually beneficial relationships with our Artists and Ambassadors that will in turn create a community where ideas are shared, everyone is supported, and we all grow together.


What's the Difference between and Artist and an Ambassador?


- Individuals at the top of their respective field. The "A" list.

- Performers and educators who give multiple clinics and performances throughout the year, across the country, and around the world.

- Affiliation with top DCI / WGI groups, recording artists, universities, or other scholastic programs.

- Maintain a high level of influence and visibility in the community.


- These individuals may not have achieved the same level of notoriety as an Artist (yet), but we recognize their spirit in the arts and hope to assist them as they develop into leaders in their field.

- Maintain a high level of social interaction (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, etc...)

- Frequently attend trade shows, PASIC, local days-of-percussion, clinics, DCI / WGI events.

- Have a high level of involvement with their current percussion community.


Our Artists and Ambassadors are determined to change the least in percussion! 

We strive to create products our customers not only use, but love using and truly benefit from. This begins with feedback and suggestions from our Artists and Ambassadors as we continuously improve and develop. Additionally our A&A team is the most direct interaction most customers will have with MidCoast. In selecting individuals as either Artists or Ambassadors, we take every factor into consideration and review each application on its own merits.


From all of us at MidCoast Percussion,

Thank you again for you interest in being a part of our community. We look forward to your application!