Flipclip | iPad / Computer Mount

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Bring your front ensemble into the digital age with this revolutionary tablet or computer mount.

Fits any accessory clamp. Great for mounting to marimbas, vibraphones, drumsets, and cymbal stands. 

Sleek - All black design makes it great for rehearsal and performance. 

Rugged - Carbon fiber tubes make this the most durable mount on the market. 

Finally, synth carts now have a stable way to mount a computer - up to a 15" MacBook Pro. Securely run Mainstage, Ableton, or any other performance software.

Access port allows for connectivity and charging while in use.

Large tension knob located at the base of the vertical tube makes swivel adjustments easy and secure. Quickly go from portrait to landscape to any angle you want!

Drumset - Perfect for musicals. No more binders of paper music to loose... or spill coffee on. Makes adding a computer to your setup a breeze!