Flipclip | Brass Mount

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Upgrade from the traditional metal lyre and flip folder.


- New flexible mounting strap quickly adjusts to any bell size! Just stretch around the bell and snap over the holding post. 

- The quickest and most secure mounting system on the market!

- Slide system for precision positioning.

- Thumb screw adjustment allows for landscape or portrait rotation.

- Spring loaded Flipclip securely holds any phone.

Recommended for:

- Trumpet

- Trombone

- Mellophone

- Euphonium

- Baritone


On the Field:

Finally! A way to always have your digital drill book, music, and any rehearsal app readily accessible. No more reaching into pockets, dropping your phone, and wasting rehearsal time. 

The grippy strap will keep Flipclip firmly secured throughout rehearsal, no matter how high paced the drill or complicated the body work.

In the Stands:

Eliminate flip folders. No more frantic searching for music during the count-off. 

Directors - Never print and cut half sheets of music again! By going digital, students will always have the most current part updates. Go green - the trees thank you.